ince the foundation of ABC MOLDES, Lda, in 1999, our main priority is to supply our customers with moulds manufactured to the highest quality standards, at competitive prices and always delivered on time, based on the accumulated experience of its people with more than 40 years in the activity in the injection mould industries.

Our ideal location, allows close partnerships with diverse mould shops in the Marinha Grande region. Internationally known as the capital of the mould making industry in Portugal, ABC MOLDES, Lda organizes and manages the mould production for its customers with attention to detail, full technical knowledge and support to ensure on time delivers. The customer benefits by a single point of contact, a complete project management, strong presence and the knowledge of the industry, competitive prices and the guarantee of the product quality.


BC MOLDES, Lda is entirely responsible for all the manufacturing process of the moulds, from the initial conception through to completion. During this process we regularly review project deadlines and share with our customers all information, supplying weekly progress reports, the samples obtained from the moulds testing, steel and heat treatments certificates, as well as other requests and customers demands.

After the moulds have been tested, we inform our customers of any part corrections and the action plan to implement these corrections. ABC MOLDES, Lda have at their disposal a large resource of modern injection moulding machines for mould testing and production of parts if required.

Who we are

We provide our customers with the highest quality molds at competitive prices.




In a modern business world each day is more globalized, where the opportunities are large and the projects are varied, it is important to provide solutions that are based on a strong understanding of the customer needs and requirements achieved from a long term partnership.

Bearing this in mind, the presentation of technical solutions at competitive prices, products manufactured to the highest quality standards, delivered on time, are our goals.

ABC MOLDES, Lda. company products, service and support is based on our many years of experience, technical know-how, the result is total satisfaction of our customers.